London Tsai
To be looked at for almost 7 minutes and 49 seconds
(containing the film "A Dangerous Supplement")
aluminum on steel frame with DVD player
48 x 48 x 15 in

In Duchamp's "Small Glass," there is a lens mounted in the glass that looks like an eye. Essentially, a play on linear perspective, Duchamp lures the viewer into an untenable position where the traditional viewpoint unravels.

Of course, if one wants to deconstruct linear perspective, then it's necessary first to understand what it is. This is a primer I've written on the structure of linear perspective.

The sculpture before you is gigantic lenticular shape. The viewer is invited to watch a film within it about the process of making sculpture. This is the view from "other side of the glass." Sculptural processes are rarely ever shown; and though it's completely unnecessary, once shown, they become inseparable from the work. For this reason, I call it "A Dangerous Supplement."