London Tsai
the inviolability of the secret

Aluminum and steel
20 x 21 x 21 in

We all have secrets. Behind our pleasant exteriors, there are those profound experiences that have formed who we are; it's not that they are dark and horrible, but they're not meant to be shared. What we must realize is that this is not only okay, but also an important right.

Jacques Derrida has written: “if a right to the secret is not maintained, we are in a totalitarian state.” (from Taste, 59.)

In the buddhist tradition, there is the notion that our identity is simply the bundling of our six senses (five senses plus mind). We each have six sense gates or portals. The illusion of the ego arises from this. Can you find the sixth portal?

As I was making this piece, I couldn't help thinking about Camus's "The Myth of Sisyphus" and how we each become so familiar with the personal boulders that we have to push every day. I suppose the image of a contemplative Sisyphus walking down the hill is one of hope.