London Tsai
Got milk?

60 x 48 x 36 in

Q&A regarding the breast sculpture.

Q: Did you encounter any difficulties/struggles during the creation of the piece?
A: Yes, because of its size, this was an extremely difficult piece to make. I started with the nipple and then built outwards--and that just dictated the rest of it! Instead of building a forming structure as I often do, I wanted to form it freely as I would paint or draw. So throughout the construction, I had this mass of aluminum flopping around everywhere and I wasn't sure how the curves I was putting on the panels would all fit together. But the miraculous thing was that it sort of ended up building itself and getting the beautifully imperfect shape of a real breast.

Q: Do you have any future plans for the piece, is it for sale?
A: The work is the center piece of our living room and brings a lot of joy to our home. It means a lot to us, our family, friends, and community. It is technically for sale, but I'm not sure that we're ready to part with it just yet.

Q: What are your hopes/how do you feel about the event on May 12, 2012?
A: For the Mother's Day event on Friday, May 11th, I see this as a great opportunity to bring awareness to this amazing power that women have and how important it is that they feel comfortable being mothers anywhere and everywhere. We are truly fortunate to live in a state where breastfeeding in public is a right that all mothers have. As with every right, it's important to exercise it and remind people of its necessity--if not, we risk losing it.

For the official opening on Saturday, May 12, 2012. I'm unveiling nearly four years of work; in 2008, after an artist residency in Berlin, I decided to shift from painting and drawing to metal sculpture. It was by no means an easy transition: I had to acquire a whole new set of skills and make the powerful tools to go with them. In the exhibit, I have a short film about the process of making sculpture. You usually don't see how sculptures are made, but I reveal some of these processes. So, I hope that people who come to the show will get a sense of this "quantum shift" of mine and at the same time see how this new work is a natural extension of my painting and drawing.