London Tsai
beehive (megalomanical object)

30 x 30 x 43in

My friend Keith Waddington is a bee expert. When I asked him about the shape of beehives, he told me that the usual shape that people have in mind are actually man-made. They are from the primitive hives made from baskets of coiled straw that have been around since before 5000 B.C. Wickerwork hives are still in some parts of Europe. It wasn't until 1851 that the modern movable-hive hive was developed by Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth.

Bees will build hives in places from which they are protected from wind, rain, extremes of temperature, and where flight entrances are small enough for the bees to guard. Thus, beehives are really a reflection of the humans who made them.

My sister Monique is a bee keeper and our whole family loves bees! So, I guess sooner or later I was going to make an enormous beehive.